TARGET-PRO GT H47 Μεγαλύτερη προβολή


49,90 € χωρίς ΦΠΑ

Παράδοση: 2-3 ημέρες
Softer than the X51, the Target Pro GT-H47 impresses with efficiency and reliability.  Tested and approved by the Cornilleau Elite team, the Target Pro GT-H47 is the best, great tension rubber ever produced in Germany featuring Michelin technology. 


Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες

  • 2,0mm
  • max


If you are looking to start off your game full of spin, with the maximum precision in counter topspin, incisive put-away shots, ever more power and topspin curve over the top, as well as safety in terms of a counter initiative then this is the rubber for you. 

Playing Strategies: Off (2.0), Off+ (Max)

Approval                       ITTF
Top-sheet colours Black/Red
Manufacturing Germany
Compact concept Spin-Drive 3D, Grip Extend Plus
Strategy Off +
Speed 155
Spin  170
Loop trajectory High
Sponge colour Orange
Sponge thickness 2.0 / Max
Sponge concept Nextens GT
Sponge hardness 47°

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